Document Automation

Save time and money with simple and intuitive creation of document templates and wizards for document creation.

Automatic Time Recording

Panache Legal tracks the time taken to produce and edit documents. It knows what you are working on and for how long meaning all time is captured.

Advanced Intelligence

Panache Bot acts as your own personal legal secretary, assisting you with numerous tasks.

Affordable Solution

A true cloud based solution, Panache Legal requires no software to be installed and is usable entirely through a web browser on any device. It is affordable and available for use immediately.

Advanced Features

Panache Legal is packed with advanced, modern features, not found anywhere else that allow you to perform all aspects of document automation and management in one place.

Fully Responsive UI

Panache Legal has a consistent, modern user interface that scales to any resolution, meaning you can access it on any device making use of all features, wherever you are.


Configure custom dashboards to quickly and easily monitor the current state of all documents and information in the system.


Time Recording

Panache Legal tracks your activity, taking out the administration of time recording and ensuring lawyers capture maximum value.

Client Access

Get client satisfaction and buy-in. Enable external access so your clients have complete visibility on their matters, can enter the data for you and create their own documents.

Document Automation

Document templating allows you to seperate the key data from your documents and underpins the whole of the Panache Legal Platform.

Intuitive Document Templating

Panache Legal can intelligently import and turn your existing documents into wizard driven templates, allowing you to get up and running within minutes rather than months.


Our Team

Meet the founders of Panache Software

Peter Davis

CEO and Co-Founder. Peter has over 15 years experience of software development for enterprise applications, web applications and mobile apps. He is directly responsible for the development of the Panache Legal Platform. Having worked directly with clients and customers to spec software solutions he understands what it takes to design and build user-friendly applications that are intuitive to use.

Neill Pemberton

COO and Co-Founder. Neill is a senior lawyer with over 10 years experience in legal services. Having worked in real estate, banking, corporate and commercial litigation departments, he is keenly aware of how lawyers work and what benefits Panache Software's technologies will bring. He is key to determining what functionality and features are included in the Panache Legal Platform so as to bring maximum productivity to lawyers.

Please contact us via any of the links above if you want to know more about us or Panache Software. We're always happy to have a conversation.

Further Features

Custom Wizards

With Panache Legal fully featured data input wizards are generated automatically when you upload new document templates. Don't like the layout? Use simple drag and drop functionality to re-arrange, rename, and change fields. Full version control is maintained for every answer so you can easily track changes made and show what the completed document looked like at any point in its history.


Advanced Intelligence

Intelligence is built into the core of the Panache Legal Platform. Panache Bot, your personal legal secretary is built into the application, able to carry out many tasks in the system for you via the use of a natural language conversation meaning you can speak to it like you would a person. Not only that, but if you're stuck on the train home or working after hours, Panache bot is just a Skype chat away.

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